The Coca leaf

For centuries, coca was considered a miraculous plant endowed with extraordinary virtues. Coca is an undeniably very rich plant, with scientifically proven medicinal properties, it is also very nutritious because it contains mineral salts and vitamins.

The coca leaf was considered a ritual component in pre-Hispanic Andean societies for millennia and has played a central role in the system of beliefs, customs and knowledge, embedded in an original worldview. We must not forget that in the Andes, people live at heights of over 4,000 meters, so coca is used as a natural, abundant and economic means to combat the effects of altitude. Among other components of coca, are altropine, papain, globulin, pectin, colein, inulin, you can extract 14 alkaloids, of which cocaine represents less than 1%.

Coca is again the sacred leaf of the Andes, cultivated for its traditional and medicinal use, as it was always cultivated by the heirs of green leaves. Now, another civilization several thousand years old like China, is interested in exporting and marketing this medicinal plant such as coca, in addition to being recognized as a capital element in the traditional medicine of the Kallawayas of Bolivia, who officially received the recognition of Unesco as a patrimony of humanity, it is time to remove it from illegality to return the role it always had in society, thanks to its medicinal and nutritional properties.