Our products

Based on coca leaf

We select our Premium Coca Leaves in the depths of the Peruvian Amazon within the native communities concerned about the environment in which they live, and therefore, respective of the processes of healthy crops. We reiterate that Feuille de Coca benefits from a cultural exception in some countries by International Authorities. The pure coca leaf, under whatever form, is not a psychotropic element. It should not be confused with Marijuana, which is a psychotropic drug. Drinking an infusion of coca is like having tea. It is an emblematic plant of South America, its is millennial. Our desire is to democratize the view of this miraculous plant.

Other products

They are products of uses that go back also to millenary eras by certain plants. They are native to South America, mainly from Peru.


We do not intend to substitute your doctor. Our food supplements, herbs and plants are not, in any case, medicines therefore can not substitute them. ALWAYS respect the prescribed dosages. Do not leave food supplements within reach of children. Pregnant and lactating women should not consume products based on coca leaf, due to its stimulating properties as well as coffee.